This picture was taken in 2012 when I came home from being a missionary for two years.

I was skinny and brown and had little to no clue where I was going to go in the next few years, but I was happy to have completed something hard, and I was only a little bit hard on myself for how I was physically.

And that’s where I was.

I decided to wear that shirt again today because we had a tailgating party at work and it’s the only jersey I own.

I don’t feel so comfortable wearing it these days so I told people that I just bought it “60 pounds ago”; showing them that picture to confirm that it did fit me once upon a time and that I had not simply bought an ill-fitting shirt with delusions of thinness floating around in my head.

Here’s me today—September 18th, 2018.


This is where I am. 

While I sat in the break room I thought about the difference in where I am and where I was. 

I was thin and brown, that’s for sure, but I didn’t have a college degree, or a good job, or a wife, I wasn’t about to have a little baby girl, I didn’t have a rocking beard, and if my car broke down, I’d be asking my parents for help [my battery died this morning and I was able to spend the $200 to get it taken care of]. 

The point I want to make here is this: Where I am right now should be alright. What I am right now should be enough for me. Who I am right now should be my goal. 

It’s always amazing to reach for more in the world, but if we’re always reaching we’ll miss where we are right now. 

Take time to appreciate where, what, and who you are right in this instant, because it’s who you’ll always be—YOU. And that’s important.