Good Morning. 

This morning I woke up as usual to my wonderful wife going about her morning routine. I drifted off for a time, until she came and uttered her customary good morning goodbye before going about her day to school. 

Drifting again, I waited for the small sounds of a waking babe. 

A short while later I heard the soft coos of my little damsel calling for her king. 

I then started a morning routine I’ve been working out. I go use the bathroom and start a bottle. Once both are done, separately and with hand washing, I go in and rescue her from her small prison with a warm breakfast. 

We watch some TV together (back-off haters) while she enjoys her breakfast. 

Then I go between chores around the house, playing with her, and dancing/singing around the house while we have fun. 

Little to no crying. 

No muss, no fuss. 

I then take my leave and drop her with our amazing babysitter and go to work. 

Tonight I come home to my wife making Survivor Skewers and a smiley baby. We sit her in the kitchen so she knows she isn’t alone. It’s part of our nightly routine. 

She starts to make a fuss, so we make some rice cereal, and experiment with carrot puree while we watch the drama with some best friends. 

We finish the show, she finishes her food. 

I pop a small bottle in to be ready, mom changes the diaper. 

We put her in pajamas together. 

I rock her while mom reads a story. 
Just a little milk, and then a binki, moose moose, and a prayer, and she is out. 

Good Night. 

Now this all sounds pretty ideal, and that’s because it is. It’s never gone so smoothly. 

I didn’t feel like a failure as a dad once today. 

It was a good day.

It happened with teamwork. 

It happened with love. 

It happened with patience. 

It happened because I listened. 

And when it was all said and done, we lived today happily ever after. 

I write this because I’ve had a hard time of it. 

Feeling at odds with my tiny human has put me out and ended up making my life decently miserable many, many times over the last five months, and those things I mentioned really have done what I needed them to do. 

Parenting is so hard, but days like today remind me that it’s the best time of our lives. 

I have a perfect little daughter and a perfect wife, and we live our lives together, in our pretty perfect life. 

There are so many bumps up and down the road, but when we live them our best together, we all help to share the load. 

So read about my good morning, and also my good night, and know that the things that worry you, will all turn out alright.