There are many sacred things in the world. 

Natural wonders evoke reverence. 

Edifices inspire worship and communion. 

Texts, scripts, and music enchant.

Moments though—the most sacred of all—bring the splendor of creation into a point, bound by time and sense to the soul. 

Grandiose or minuscule, a moment can connect a person with the divine. 

Treasure fine as gold—a small moment can pass by if not watched. 

Tonight, I was watching while our little girl, unable to sleep from some discomfort only God knows, sat cradled in the arms of her caring mother. 

Her caretaker—my beautiful wife—supported her, rocking slowly and giving more comfort than a small bottle could ever hope to hold. 

She looked down on the quivering frame of this little girl with such reverence and love—a look I see every day—and the world stopped for a moment, paying respect for the sublime radiance of motherhood. 

It was a quiet, tender moment—a sacred shard of forever in a squeaky rocking chair.