“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” 

Oh how many times I’ve heard that phrase. 

The gist and message behind it makes complete sense—the sensible, good thing to do when presented with a situation that’s less than ideal is to innovate and make something good out of a less than stellar start. 

I’d just like to take us on a metaphorical journey with this—so bear with me. 

Say life gives you lemons. 

You’re standing there on a normal day, likely expecting something more than lemons.

Well, whatever that thing was, it turned into lemons. Turned out to be lemons. Became lemons. 

And now you are the proud owner of not what you expected, but lemons. 

And absolutely—turn those bad boys into lemonade—eventually. 

When you get the lemons though—you have to sit. 

You have to think. 

You make a plan. 

Get the water, get the sugar, work at Chic-fil-A so you know how to do it right. 

Then you have lemonade from the lemons. 

Had a lemon of a Wednesday. 

Baby had shots, Kimber and I had hard days at work. 

But after the lemon sacks were put down we made some good lemonade. 

The point I’m getting at with the fruity beverage analogy/metaphor/example/whatever you want it to be is that some days life will suck. 

And on those days where life will inevitably suck, no one is asking us to get up immediately and make it better, or if they are they’re harsh or selling something. 

Remember that some days are just about feeling the weight of the proverbial lemon sacks in your hands. 

Others are for juicing lemons. 

And others are for enjoying the lemonade. 

So there you go. A reminder that life takes time and that things aren’t perfect overnight—and that it’s okay and right that it’s that way.